Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Lamp


Salt Lamps cleanse and purify the air by attracting and absorbing water molecules and foreign particles. The heat produced by the bulb helps the water to evaporate leaving the particles of dust etc trapped in the salt.

Salt lamps are known to help with allergies and asthma by cleansing and purifying the air. The hygroscopic cycling of airborne particles also changes the charge of the molecules, meaning that the cleansed water vapour released back in the air expels negative ions which is better for our health.

How to Use
When you receive your salt lamp, it will have the cable and bulb separately. To use, simply screw in the bulb, place under the lamp and squeeze the metal clip to put the bulb inside. The simply plug into the wall and turn on.

Sizes, shapes and colour tones are variable but are approx 2-3kg and approx 20cm tall.

Please Note 
One of the main physical properties of these lamps is that they are deliquescent (i.e. they have a tendency to absorb moisture from the air). The lamp bulb heats the salt up and drives the water out again. We recommend using the lamp fairly frequently, if it is not regularly lit up it can continue to absorb water which creates a risk of crumbling. This can happen more often in places where there's likely to be more water such as from condensation next to windows, conservatories or bathrooms.