High Tide A Surf Odyssey
High Tide A Surf Odyssey High Tide A Surf Odyssey

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High Tide A Surf Odyssey


The ultimate photography book on surfing by one of the most famous outdoor photographers in the world. The author, Chris Burkard has a huge following: 600,000 followers on Instagram, this book is perfect gift for surfers, outdoor sportsmen, lovers of photography. This is the ultimate book on rough and tough surfing. Breathtaking landscapes, remote and desolate places, the highest waves, the most spectacular jumps and a story of surfing to the ends of the world. A photographic homage to surfing in extreme conditions, made by an international surfer and his team. High Tide, A Surf Odyssey follows the surfers in their epic journeys and achievements in the most diverse land- and seascapes. This book portrays the ultimate battle between the elements and mankind: the water and the waves against the board and man.

Photography by Chris Burkard.