LAND Chocolate - Various
LAND Chocolate - Various LAND Chocolate - Various LAND Chocolate - Various LAND Chocolate - Various LAND Chocolate - Various LAND Chocolate - Various

LAND Chocolate - Various


Hand-crafted in Bethnal Green, London by chocolatier Phil Landers who with a passion for chocolate and quality ingredients created LAND chocolate. 

60g bar.

Chuno Milk 58%
A more unusual milk bar. Light fruit notes to begin followed by slight acidity before finishing on a savoury note with a hint of olive. If you’re after a more unusual and more flavoured milk chocolate then this is the one for you.

58% Milk
Single Bean from Chuno, Nicaragua
Tasting notes: Light fruit, cream, nutty

Honduras Dark 70%
Rum and raisin flavours hit first before ending on a subtle coffee note. This is the mildest dark bar in the Land collection and pairs well with spirits, in particular whisky.

70% Dark
Single Origin - Honduras
Tasting Notes: Raisin, coffee, cocoa

Malt Dark 65% 
This Malt Dark Land Chocolate has got subtle coffee aromas which perfectly balances the sweetness of the malt barley. 
65% Dark
Originating from Hondura
Tasting notes: Malt, coffee, cocoa 

Nicaliso Dark 73%
Makers notes: 'The Land favourite. Black olive was the prominent flavour I got while making this bar. A strong citrus flavour then develops through the ageing process. Notes of grapefruit and orange peel add a lovely acidity to this bar.'  
73% Dark 

Nicaragua Dark 71%

This is the most interesting and complex bar in the Land range. There are strong floral tones with underlying berry notes. A feast for your tastebuds.
71% Dark
Single Origin - Nicaragua
Tasting Notes: Savoury, liquorice, berries

Venezuelan Milk 58%

This bar begins with hints of raisin and develops into a stronger fudge flavour ending with a slight nuttyness. Out of the Land collection, this is a great first bar to try if new to bean to bar chocolate. 
55% Milk
Single Origin - Venezuela
Tasting Notes: Nuts, fudge, cream