Palo Santo
Palo Santo Palo Santo

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Palo Santo


Incausa High Resin Palo Santo is made from the Central American Bursera graveolens  tree. Palo Santo produces an aromatic resin, that grows in concentration with age. 

To use, set alight to the end of the Palo Santo wood and let burn on a safe surface. The wood will often burn itself out after a few minutes releasing the fresh, unique scent of Palo Santo into the air. You can re-light as desired.

Certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru.

Bursera Graveolens lives up to 90 years; after the tree dies, the wood matures up to ten more years before it falls. Only then it's consecrated as 'Sacred Wood' (Palo Santo).

By respecting this cycle, Incausa ensures the highest quality hand-chosen offerings. Each year they reserve a select portion of high resin Peruvian Palo Santo wood. 

Each stick is around 20g