Yoga design lab yoga wheel
Yoga design lab yoga wheel Yoga Design Lab - Yoga Wheel Yoga Design Lab - Yoga Wheel Yoga Design Lab - Yoga Wheel

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The Yoga Design Lab Yoga wheel is designed to open the chest, shoulders, back and hip flexors in the most beautiful way.

The perfect size and width to safely support your back as you stretch across the wheel. Perfect for beginners and advanced yogis.

Offers support for challenging poses and adds creativity to your practice.

Achieve backbends smoothly and loosen tight muscles. Enhances your poses by achieving deeper stretches. The yoga wheel can also be used to achieve extra core engagement on some poses (think 'Plank' poses etc but with more balance required)

The Yoga Wheel's inner core is a high quality ridged plastic and is wrapped in a thermoplastic elastomer and cork material (like a yoga mat!) to give you some cushioning.

Get creative with your poses or follow some of the pose suggestions in the included pamphlet. 

Estimated delivery time 1-2 working days.